Navajo Nation Department of Head Start (NNDOHS)

Navajo Head Start (NHS)


     The Navajo Head Start (NHS) is one of the largest Head Start organizations operating in the United States today. The Navajo Reservation is comparable in size to the state of West Virginia.


     There are five (5) Head Start Agency offices: Northern Navajo (Shiprock), Eastern Navajo (Crownpoint), Central Navajo (Chinle), Western Navajo (Tuba City), and Ft. Defiance. The Central Administration is located in the Capital of the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, AZ. 


     Currently, Navajo Head Start is funded to provided services to 4,013 children ages 3-5 are enrolled in 206 Head Start centers and Home Base programs. 60 children ages 0-3 and expectant mothers are enrolled in 5 Early Head Start centers across the Navajo Nation. Each year the 0-5 age population increases.


     NHS is taking on several new initiatives to improve the quality and delivery of services to children, families, and communities. The I Care Curriculum, Fatherhood Initiative, STEPS Literacy Program, Positive Child Outcomes, revision of the Dine' Curriculum, Galileo, the Head Start Family Information System (HSFIS), and Innovative Technology are currently underway.


     The I Care Curriculum is a parent involvement and mentoring curriculum designed to involve parents not only in the classroom as volunteers, but also in the home through positive parenting.


     The Fatherhood Initiative will focus on empowering and strengthening the role of fathers in families.


     STEPS Literacy is a curriculum designed to enhance language and literacy skills and improve the teacher's teaching performance in the classroom.


     Positive Child Outcomes is a framework intended for Head Start programs to design ongoing assessments of the progress and accomplishments throughout the child's enrollment in Head Start.


     Galileo and the HSFIS are tools via satellite will aid the NHS to track, monitor, and assess the progress and accomplishments of each enrollee.


     NHS proudly presents its program to the Navajo people as, not only, an educational institution, but as a quality comprehensives program uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of each child, family, expectant mother, and community.


     NHS is committed to empowering each child, family, expectant mother, and community to become proactive and effective learners, leaders, and caretakers for the future generations of this great Navajo Nation.